Flightplan but with flexibility

Scheduled Service

We're operating with a flexible flight plan. That is, there are fixed destinations, but without further restrictions.


Express Connectionss


Regional Connectionss


Airfreight Connectionss


Unique Tours

Westfalia Express

Our main fleet, connects attractive destinations around the world. Here you will find everything from short to long haul.

Connecting destinations around the world

Covering short to long haul

Scheduled services with flexibility

Westfalia Regional

Our regional fleet is deployed on a very exciting schedule. We connect regional airports within Germany as well as our neighboring countries.

Regional airfields in Germany and neighboring countries

Expect exciting and manual approaches

Short trips, short turnarounds 🔥

Westfalia Airfreight

What makes our cargo flight plan special? Certainly that we have something for everyone - we move tons on short to long haul.

Transport time-critical freight within Germany

Freight connections from 60 nm to almost 9000 nm

Exciting and high quality tours

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