Westfalia Express is a private non-profit organization. Membership with us is completely free of charge to pilots.

  • We always fly in real time in the online networks IVAO and VATSIM using the callsign "Westfalia".
  • We accept and follow the rules of the online networks and make these rules our own. We always behave in the online networks in such a way that we are always perceived positively as VA Westfalia Express.
  • Objective and cultivated manners in the forum are therefore self-evident.
  • We also expect from ourselves a striving for competence in the aviation field and the willingness to learn something new.

These principles are discussed on the following pages. Violations of these rules significantly affect the quality of our flight operations. In addition, it puts other pilots at a disadvantage with regard to the reward system. Therefore, we reserve the right to enforce these rules clearly and transparently. We will punish violations. This ranges from cancellation of a flight to exclusion from Westfalia Express VA; here we reserve the right to take all steps. However, we always prefer direct, factual and cultivated communication with the pilot.

Things to know

Here are again some information summarized compactly: We use only UTC time for our flight booking system. Flights are booked and must be reported within 90 minutes after landing. Cancelled flights will be canceled. Each flight is flown exclusively online on the VATSIM or IVAO network. In Discord we maintain serious manners. Our staff usually processes requests in a very short time. It is not possible to apply as a staff member. The incumbent members of the staff keep their eyes and ears open for new staff members and approach them if necessary. We very much welcome pilots who want to get involved in the airline. Cooperation is possible and desired for pilots! Contact us and offer your know-how!

Closing Word

Thank you for your interest in Westfalia Express. As an active pilot you declare that you have understood these rules. Especially our rules, but also our knowledge characterize our high quality flight operations. As a pilot of our VA you not only agree with these rules, but you will also actively promote them. Helping others and passing on your knowledge is as much fun for you as it is for us. Then you are welcome at the Westfalia Express VA! We are looking forward to meeting you! Many happy landings!

The Staff of the Westfalia Express

Westfalia Express Group

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