„Less regulations, more social flying!“


We are a group of aviation and flight simulation enthusiasts from Münsterland and founded Westfalia Express in 2007. Westfalia Express is a virtual airline with no relation to a real airline.

Our virtual airline has, as can be seen from the name, a strong regional connection. Our home is in Westphalia. The routes and tours have therefore all in some way corresponding reference to the major commercial airports of Münster and Dortmund and the smaller regional airports in the surrounding area. The surrounding cities are the godfathers and namesakes of our fleet. Our community consists of our staff and the pilots who fly online in the networks of VATSIM and IVAO with a WFX callsign. In addition, some members specially trained and certified by VATSIM or IVAO provide air traffic control services. Westfalia Express is open to all flight simulator pilots who pursue their hobby in online networks such as VATSIM or IVAO.

Westfalia Express is characterized by the spirit of regulating only those things that are really necessary in our sense. We want to leave our pilots a lot of room for individuality and fun in virtual online flying in a community.


The airline's air traffic takes place exclusively online in the VATSIM and IVAO networks according to the philosophy "as real as its gets". The goal is also to increase the frequency and integration of Münster Osnabrück Airport in the online networks. Through our community we promote the general understanding and knowledge for and about private and commercial aviation. Our philosophy is to act as real as possible. Last but not least, the community creates new friendships, which are cultivated.

Acceptance of new members

Westfalia Express is a private non-profit organization. Membership with us is completely free of charge to pilots. We expect our members, hereafter referred to as pilots, to contribute to the meaningful participation in the flight operations and community of Westfalia Express. An application to join us is not required, but we welcome a personal meeting with our staff. We welcome any pilot, older than 16 years, who has an active VATSIM or IVAO account with at least 50 online flight hours. For the registration as a pilot we need your name, an e-mail address. In addition, we ask for your VATSIM and/or IVAO ID for the tracker, so that we can track individual flights of you. For a membership it is necessary that our pilots are familiar with our and the VATSIM and/or IVAO rules and not only accept them, but also actively promote and live them. There is no obligation to be active. We welcome you to inform us if you ever take a break. There is no obligation for our pilots to fly exclusively with Westfalia Express.

We see ourselves as friends in the sense of a community who share the enthusiasm for real and virtual aviation. That is why we do not maintain anonymous contact, but know each other by our real names. Accordingly, we also want to address each other with our names.

Westfalia Express Group

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